Openings in the Lab

Prospective Applicants: If you’re interested in working together, please go over the list of project directions below or my publications page to see what I work on. Find a paper that look interesting and read it fully. If you’re still interested, please complete the corresponding form below and email me:

  1. Prospective Phd Applicants
  2. Prospective visiting students (Undergrads, masters, PhDs or Postdocs)
  3. Cornell Masters and Undergrads (any department)

Below is a list of topics that I am currently working on. I am always interested to expand the list of topics based on my students’ interests. Feel free to suggest any new topic along with a justification and relevant ideas.

Responsible Data Science (Fairness, Explainability, Robustness)

  • Fairness aware ML
  • Efficiently generating explanations for ML models
  • Clustering in the presence of noise

    Causal Inference

  • Hypothetical Reasoning over data

    Data Debugging

  • Exposing disconnect between data and systems

    Data Discovery and Marketplaces

  • Goal-oriented Data Discovery
  • Ver: View discovery in the wild

    Data Preparation

  • Entity Resolution